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Fire Emblem: Farts


It’s been a while since I’ve played a game on release, so here’s a comic that’s relevant to this year/decade. Everyone DOES see Corrin transforming into a dragon right? They’re not gonna ignore that part when they marry them… right?

FE Ashura.png

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So it goes.

I feel bad about this site. It started out with SO MANY GOOD THINGS. Fun comics and doodles and interacting with you guys and having a great time getting to post art and having a lil’ community from it.

Here we are two? three? years later and it’s a shriveled sad little thing, I have a backlog of comic ideas written down, but they’re no longer relevant, or have been done by other artists already. I lost years and years of art thanks to a hard drive crash, but I guess that’s what I get for not backing things up. To have that much of my art disappear is horribly disheartening, and I barely scrounge up the will to draw in my day-to-day, let alone try to maintain a blog again.

I’m gonna try to get some comics up, but they’re probably going to be of a more personal nature. I’ve been having a shitty couple of years dealing with depression and trying and failing to kick-start my life over and over every few months.


Current Mood.

So prepare for embarrassing and enthralling tales of not being able to get out of bed for months straight, of my ever-changing location, of not being able to hold down a job, of still having the small voice in the back of my head telling me to DRAW and WRITE it all down, so it’s finally time to do so.

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What Are you Even Doing

Howdy bloggers and bloggettes, how are you? I’m sad to announce that my laptop fried its motherboard and died, but I’ve replaced it with a shiny new desktop! Broke it in this evening with a night of drawthread requests from /v/. Here are some of the SFW sketches.


firewater Ivelostcontrolofmylife noogie SSJCakeWargeta


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I’ve opened an Etsy!

Hey guys, I’ve finally decided to open an Etsy shop to try and sell some of the paintings I have stockpiled in the house. I’m also going to have options for custom acrylic and digital originals for sale, along with some prints! Keep an eye on the shop if you’d like to decorate your walls with some fancy pants eye candy.

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Ho Ho Ho



I’m ALIVE. And in snowy, blustery, cold, Colorado. Where I will be residing until further notice. I hope everyone’s holidays are going well so far, I’ve mostly been unboxing and organizing and freezing. I’ve done a few paintings, have experimented on a poor pair of shoes, and have been exploring the world of tradiiitonaaaal iiiinkiiing!




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Where aren’t I, dear readers. The past few weeks I’ve moved from Hawaii and have been on a grand tour of the good ol’ US of A. I’ve made it all the way back east to Grandma’s house, so I’ll certainly be drawing now that I’m no longer in motion and susceptible to carsickness. So here are a couple of drawings that have happened in hotels.


Elf WIP 3 inking 1 Mask ink sketch 1 Test 1

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