Oh man I’m the worst updater ever. I don’t like this schedule thing I made for myself because I realized I’m a slacker; let’s just say that I spent all of my time translating Dragon Language and definitely not playing League of Legends. Here’s one page of the comic done, so you’ll just have to tune in next week. What’ll happen to Loo the Wood Elf in the next episode of Draugr Battle Z?!

Hey! That’s my line!

About ladyloolauren

Hi I'm Lauren! I draw and write and eat.
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4 Responses to Physics

  1. Corrik says:

    Hopefully she has better luck then me. First time this happened the duergar pulled out an ebony bow and one shot me while I was taking a nap on the floor.

  2. PandaPez says:

    Does anyone else think that body looks suspiciously like the Adoring Fan in Oblivion?

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