New Years Fun Fact.

Did you know: Samoa is the first place to experience the new year, rather than the last. They skip December 30th to keep up with Asian Pacific trading. Hawaii is in the second to last time zone next to Midway to ring in 2012. Wishing all of my friends in the future a Happy New Year, I’ve still got a couple of hours ’til I have to plan resolutions.

No drawing today, hope y’all are poppin’ champagne and counting down with good company.


About ladyloolauren

Hi I'm Lauren! I draw and write and eat.
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2 Responses to New Years Fun Fact.

  1. Sasha Dotterkletch says:

    yeah saying happy new year to people in the future like australians is weird.

    happy new year! btw

    • ladyloolauren says:

      I feel so left out, we finally hit midnight a few minutes ago so it’s off to bed after I play a couple rounds of bot games on League of Legends… gotta get my allotted IP for the day, hurrhurr.

      Hope your new year is fantabulous and full of good things!

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