Terrible RP Name Goes Here.

Sup guys, first drawing of 2012! It’s my little Sith Warrior, Acerbitas. I know, I suck at names. Anywho, 5 days ’til I head back to the East Coast and am on a normal schedule, expect many comics at a reasonable hour!
Oh god that pixel-sized dot next to her mohawk… it’s bothering me so much. I won’t change it though, so people will get confused and try to wipe the speck from their screen like I did.

There's a reason I do flat colors.


About ladyloolauren

Hi I'm Lauren! I draw and write and eat.
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3 Responses to Terrible RP Name Goes Here.

  1. columnv says:

    “Who told you I killed your father?” “Everyone in the Academy is talking about it?” “Well, the whole place can’t be wrong. *draws lightsaber*”

    I am so unreasonably pleased with all of different ways Empire characters get to be assholes. It’s like Bioware provided a fresh and varied platter of only the finest douchery. A smorgasbord of malevolence. A pupu platter of pitiless player chara–… aarg this is running away from me.

    It warms my bitter, desiccated heart to see another Skyrim comic from you pop up on Reddit; finding a dedicated wellspring of your lulz is even better. Please don’t ever stop making these. ❤

    • ladyloolauren says:

      There’s nothing quite like being able to kill everyone you talk to, it’s just splendid. I figure a full-blooded Sith has no time for silly things like courtesy or mercy or whatever those brown-robe-wearing ninnies like. I’ve only gotten her to level 10, but being able to be such a jerk is satisfying. I’ve dabbled in Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent, and Knight, but I’m waiting to head back to school to really play so my friend and I are in the same time zone for grouping.

      Glad you like the comics! They’re good motivation for me to draw a bit every day, or at least do some brainstorming between bouts of gaming.

  2. Sasha Dotterkletch says:

    nice daedra you got there in star wars…oh wait

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