What’s up guys, so I finally made it back to school, I’m recovering from jet lag, and I’ve started a bit of a project… Megacon is in a little over a month and I’d like to make something fun to wear to it. So I decided on some Nightingale armor from my most favorite game.

Here are a couple of progress shots of the templates I’m working on… basically I hold newspaper up to myself and scribble as best as I can, then transfer it to cardstock. I’m going to make this from foam and uh… hot glue. I’m following the basic methods of that guy that did the Diablo costume about a month ago. Wish me luck!


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Hi I'm Lauren! I draw and write and eat.
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6 Responses to Nightingale

  1. Christoph Wagner says:

    Good luck! Looking forward to see the result:)

    • ladyloolauren says:

      Thank ye kindly! I wanted to craft up some Daedric armor, I don’t think I have quite enough time to make a good-looking set of it. Nightingale is a bit less chunky, so I think I can make a decent set within a few weeks.

  2. Sasha Dotterkletch says:

    id wear the shrouded armor, and then i can say like flander, Feels like he’s wearing nothing at all.. nothing at all.. NOTHING AT ALL!

    good luck into it

  3. Katie Sue says:

    Hiya! I’m considering making a Nightingale Armor set myself. Would you be willing to share your template?

    • ladyloolauren says:

      I would if I had any kind of real template D:

      I’ve been using a bunch of newspaper + masking tape held up to myself to get rough shapes planned out. After that I get it symmetrical by folding the newspaper in half and cutting out with about a half inch or so of extra space. From there I’ve traced it onto foam and have the pieces laid out in a general shape of where they’re going to go. I can make a big page of the screenshots and whatnot I’m working from if that’d help you!

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