Sketches pt. 2

School is lame! Here are some of the doodle’s I’ve done while in class and whatnot.


About ladyloolauren

Hi I'm Lauren! I draw and write and eat.
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8 Responses to Sketches pt. 2

  1. Dotterkletch says:

    oh that is spanish class…o sos de un pais hispano :3

    I like the third one, with the desert theme.

  2. columnv says:

    Perhaps Disgruntled Poncho Girl and Horns should have it out in your next spanish class? 😛

    Love these. Please post more, when you have time!

    • ladyloolauren says:

      It might happen! Every few days when I stockpile enough sketches I’ll post them, it -almost- counts as real updates :p

  3. nonsensepoem says:

    I think I detect a hint of old-school Warner Bros. in that cactus. 🙂

  4. Corrik says:

    Aquaman what are you doing up there? Go back to the ocean!

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