Step by Step.

Here’s a drawing I tossed together of the past couple of evenings, about 5-7 hours total work time I think?

Teemo Case Teemo Case 2 Teemo Case 3 Teemo Case 4 Teemo Case Final


About ladyloolauren

Hi I'm Lauren! I draw and write and eat.
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7 Responses to Step by Step.

  1. daggity says:

    Fun perspective, always liked your style for faces.

    • ladyloolauren says:

      O thank you! I had entirely too much fun drawing Teemo.

      • daggity says:

        If you ever try to get into DOTA2, post about it! While I’m forgoing LoL, I’ve been interested in learning DOTA2.

      • ladyloolauren says:

        I have played it a bit and got DESTROYED by the easy beginner bots. It’s pretty fun though, and differently paced from LoL, but in a good way. I’ll certainly have some doodles for it sometime.

      • daggity says:

        Just played a little against bots with a friend, pretty fun. I /really/ want the Bastion narrator. >_>;

  2. nonsensepoem says:

    It’s great to watch your skills improve over time. Thanks for sharing this one! There’s plenty to talk about here, but what struck me first (after the excellent face) was the strong use of the curved horizon & sky elements to communicate movement. You know your stuff!

    • ladyloolauren says:

      Thank you! I’ve been working on pushing myself with the hopes of getting a portfolio put together. I’m glad it’s paying off :>

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