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Hi I'm Lauren! I draw and write and eat.

I’m Back Baybeee

Greetings internet travelers old and new, it’s-a me, Lauren! I’m alive and barely keeping it together in the apocalypse! I’m mentally ill and ready to thrill! I’ve spent the past few years ascetic, honing my art and my wit, unraveling … Continue reading

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So it goes.

I feel bad about this site. It started out with SO MANY GOOD THINGS. Fun comics and doodles and interacting with you guys and having a great time getting to post art and having a lil’ community from it. Here … Continue reading

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Lantern Comission

Here’s my friend’s Brother and his Cat as Green Lanterns, a doodle for his birthday!

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Old Things.

So I found a few of my old Dragon Age Comics, hehehehe. Maybe I’ll clean them up a bit and add colors.

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My first main! I love flaming sword spam.

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League Champion numbah 2- Nidalee! I’m not going in any particular order, just whatever one I feel like doodlin’.

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I’ve realized that I really like drawing League of Legends characters, expect lots of them.

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Steamy Faces

I’m really good at titles. Failing Statistics class makes me draw steam faces! Last month of classes and whatnot then I’ll have all the free time in the world to play games and draw comics about them! In the meantime … Continue reading

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Requests pt. 3

The last couple of requests I got. The Kongs, Waldo riding Yoshi, and Super Saiyan Mario. I had a lot of fun doing these!

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Life is slow, I haven’t been gaming, just doing school and maybe a little bit of baking…  

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