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Fire Emblem: Farts

  It’s been a while since I’ve played a game on release, so here’s a comic that’s relevant to this year/decade. Everyone DOES see Corrin transforming into a dragon right? They’re not gonna ignore that part when they marry them… … Continue reading

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Oh my goodness am I actually drawing a real honest-to-goodness comic? I THINK SO. SOMEONE HELP.

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Big ‘Ol Sketchdump

Hey y’all, here’s a bunch of art to make up for me not updating in forever. Uh, I just have a lot of traditional stuff I’ve been working on, and I’m too lazy to upload as often when I have … Continue reading

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So Emotional

Revving up to draw some comics lately, here are some expressions and whatnot to get me re-used to drawin’ on my tablet. I’ve been doing so much painting that I need to get my brain back in line! I usually … Continue reading

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Why Would You Hire Me p.1

I somehow managed to get a job at the Barnes and Noble on campus, and I constantly say bizarre things to customers. I think working in merchandise makes me lose my ability to filter my thoughts.

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Old Things.

So I found a few of my old Dragon Age Comics, hehehehe. Maybe I’ll clean them up a bit and add colors.

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The Spotify Jackpot

4 in a row, wow!

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