That was bupkis!


So here are some of my school notes.


No Nightingale updates today, I ordered some POWERTOOOOOLS online and am waiting for them to get in so I can actually do real craftywork. It’s syllabus week for school so I’ve been doing a lot of doodles in class rather than listen to attendance policies. I’ll have a new comic up tonight I think (bad luck themed perhaps?), since I don’t quite have homework as an excuse for no updates. These are actually some older-ish doodles, I’m stockpiling drawings on my scanner (digital camera) to do a big art dump later. Avoid black cats and ladders today!


Edit: By the way I hit 15k views today! Thanks to everyone for stopping by, helpin’ me realize my dreaaam. And I mean that sincerely, YOU’RE SUPER.

Merry Christmahanukwanzaakah!

I’m in the midst of preparing for dinner tonight and wrapping my last few gifts, but I thought I’d doodle a little holiday somethin’ somethin’. Whatever and wherever you’re celebrating I hope it’s merry as all getout! Time for some big-kid eggnog!


Santa is unimpresed by your Thu'um prowess.


Oh man I’m the worst updater ever. I don’t like this schedule thing I made for myself because I realized I’m a slacker; let’s just say that I spent all of my time translating Dragon Language and definitely not playing League of Legends. Here’s one page of the comic done, so you’ll just have to tune in next week. What’ll happen to Loo the Wood Elf in the next episode of Draugr Battle Z?!

Hey! That’s my line!


I passed all of my classes, which is a big deal because I’m a returning student who had a wee bit of “academic probation” to get off of thanks to me being an assclown Freshman year. I’m about to go to a luncheon so I don’t have time to fetch my tablet and hook it up and draw something nice, so here’s my happy face. As done by mouse.


Comic quality would be much lower were I not to have a tablet.