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You’ve Got Something…

On your erm… sternum.

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No Nightingale updates today, I ordered some POWERTOOOOOLS online and am waiting for them to get in so I can actually do real craftywork. It’s syllabus week for school so I’ve been doing a lot of doodles in class rather … Continue reading

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Nick O’ Time

Here’s that 2nd page, I redid it for more funny. Debatable outcome on that.    

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Merry Christmahanukwanzaakah!

I’m in the midst of preparing for dinner tonight and wrapping my last few gifts, but I thought I’d doodle a little holiday somethin’ somethin’. Whatever and wherever you’re celebrating I hope it’s merry as all getout! Time for some … Continue reading

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Oh man I’m the worst updater ever. I don’t like this schedule thing I made for myself because I realized I’m a slacker; let’s just say that I spent all of my time translating Dragon Language and definitely not playing … Continue reading

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Hey Lydia ep. 1

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Dragonborn, Out.

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